This is the blog tool of: Wobbling Solution (or, an introduction to contemporary design).

30121: “Arts and Culture – Visual Culture (Module 2)” / Universita’ Bocconi

Prof. Stefano Mirti / stefano.mirti@gmail.com

Link to Universita’ Bocconi website.

Link to CLEACC (corso di laurea in economia per le arti, la cultura e la comunicazione) webpage


> Here the link to Design for a low-cost world, useful pdf  in order to understand the conceptual frame of the class.

> Here the link to the calendar.

> Here the link to the pdf with the contents (new version, graphically improved) you are supposed to know for the written exam

> Here the link to the webpage of 2009/10 class: “Wobbling Solutions

> Here the link to the webpage of 2008/09 class: “Design is manipulation“.

This class is organized around the forthcoming book by Walter Aprile and Stefano Mirti: “Wobbly Solutions”


(Image above: Man Ray,L’Enigme d’Isidore Ducasse, 1920)

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