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In this page you find the links to the blogs made by the students.

As a general rule (as we did last year), the most complete / interesting ones, are on top of the page.

How to get on top of the page?

Blogs having a very clear theme, the theme itself is interesting and fascinating. Blogs with a clear structure (meaning: easy to find the content), updated regularly by their authors.

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List of this year (2010/11) blogs:

By the 15th of June 2011, these blogs here below were the ones very fascinating and appropriate content. Let’s say, the students who took the best out of the class (they are listed in alphabetical order):

> Viola Samele Acquaviva, Milano Gallery

> Monica Alberici, Puppet / Marionette

> Annarita Atterrato, Chochoearth

> Giulia Bartezzaghi, Gruppi d’acquisto solidale

> Clarice Buonsante, Multi-Ethnic Press

> Valentina Cadoppi, Saffron the red gold

> Angelica Carbone, Wedding Cakes

> Giulia Castellani, Cultural Business

> Gaia Catarsi, Oil from Maremma

> Lara Dall’Armellina, Light & Paper

> Sara Da Pian, Under, we are

> Carolina di Biase, Design way up there

> Libertà Errani, Concept Stories

> Federica Esu, Flashmob Urself

> Claudio Filippo Fagugli, Televisionally

> Alessia Fanottoli, A journey in the world of sunglasses

> Giulia Ferraris, Once upon a time the chair

> Silvia Furlan, Plastic Objectivity

> Giulia Maria Galbiati, Tasty Streets

> Alexander Hazen, Music is design

> Giacomo Iafrate, Delonghair

> Giulia Montagna, Aqua design

> Caterina Pedrazzi, Food goes Mono

> Hannah Schullian, Make up / Fashion Industry

> Federica Scio, Everybody loves candies

> Tommaso Sica, Just a Cast

> Anna Sola, Fill up the design with Coca Cola

> Tea Solaroli, Steel Industry

> Federica Sperandini, Beds Milan Design

> Francesca Tatavitto, Small Bags

> Denise Tomai, Street or spritz life?

> Margherita Tronconi, Chasing lebanon’s flavors

> Biancamaria Vallortigara, On the cult objects road

> Ginevra Vannini: Casentino’s Valley: Honey & Wool

Also these blogs are very good. They have  a clear content and the structure works well:

> Ale Baj, Bergamo past and present

> Beatrice Barbi: American food in Italy

> Selima Bernardi, Event Design

> Martina Bodini, Sweetness from Lombardia

> Gaia Carpintieri, Not only pizza

> Marta De Roia, Let’s make bubbles

> Victoria Dumbrava: Moldovian Wines

> Chiara Longhi, Chairs and Chairs

> Chiara Lotti, Low-cost in fashion

> Daniela Marino, Persian Tapestry

> Alexandra Mayr, Mugs are everywhere

> Miriam Mazzilli, Relaxing Moments

> Elena Ricci, The globe wears hats

> Maria Giulia Rotondi, Milan loves shoes

> Irene Ruzzi, The diet side of life

> Anna Sibilia, Design is in the ears

> Giulia Visalli, Building Green

> Hanane Yessou, Moroccan Handicraft

> Beixi Wang, Shoes Wonderland

These blogs are ok, but are less fascinating than the ones above. This can happen for various reasons (lack of constant feed, choice of a difficult theme, etc.):

> Elena Abballe, Land of Roses

> Federica Bellossi, Design Public Transport

> Costanza Biagianti, Ties and knots

> Teresa Cimini, Mens sana in corpore sano

> Alexandra Farnum, The sound of San Francisco

> You Jin Kim, Korean in Milano

> Maria Melisenda Murphy-Solari, Wearing Senegal

> Sara Nazzicone, Sushi-mania

> Nicole Petitti, Loft Mania Milan

From here below, the blogs where we wouldn’t find all the “how” we would like to read and see:

> Maria Vittoria Beatrici, At the mirror

> Luisa Capodicasa, Heel’s secrets

> Viviana Demicco, Luxury hotels in Milan

> Thea Montaiuti, Sensory Marketing

> Jessica Marcozzi, Tin Toys Clang

> Elena Ricci, The globe wears hats

Not much feed…

> Ezgi Ayhan, World of Lomography

> Anil Goud, K9 culture in Milan

> Dali Montero, Clothes for the young. Italian case-studies

> Yun Sung Won, Mannequin and window display

(Image on top: Ettore Sottsass / Memphis, Carlton Bookcase, 1981)

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