In this page, interesting materials to be used as references in order to improve your blogs:

Remember to add datas referred to the theme of your blog. Example: “How to get from 0.2% (economic growth rate) to 282.739.130.435 euro (money stuck in non-performing loans): useful data on current Japan“.

To interview or to the describe the life and/or activities of people busy with the various works related to your theme is generally nice and interesting. Example: “My life with the tuc-tuc“.

Try to set up connections between different subjects, periods. Start from your theme and try to see if there are other possible references and examples. For instance: “Japan: form follows fiction (the walkman and the zen garden)“.

Try to dig beneath the surface. How is the real process? How do things work for rea? Exampe: “Dabbawallas“. Another possible example:”A ‘how-to’ guide (or: the cultural event in the age of technical reproducibility)

Try to link your themes and interests to the so-called “high culture”. Here some possible examples (in terms of websites, institutions, books).

> BBC / British Museum: “A History of the World in 100 objects

> Tom Standage: “A history of the world in six glasses

> Tom Standage: “An edible history of humanity

> Smithsonian

> Science Museum, London

In the image on top: police enters Homer and Langley Collyer house after their death (buried by 130 tons of  junk and garbage collected in decades of sharp and thoughtful madness). New York, 1947.

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